Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bulky Socks for Bed.

These socks started out as a bit of a whim.  I was going through some boxes in the basement and noticed a few partial balls of acrylic yarn, left over from other projects.  Inspiration struck me and I thought how I couldn't find my slippers ( I blame this on the dog) and wanted something quick. 
Completed bed sock
After I finished them I realized that I would probably just wear them to bed as they are quite slick on the floors.  I may add a coating or liner of some sort but for now they are cozy and are keeping my feet warm as the weather gets cooler.  There is no pattern as yet.  I went through some sock knitting books and decided that I would do toe-up as I had a very limited amount of yarn available.  In fact I had about 1 meter of the variegated yarn left when I finished the socks.  These were knit with two strands, one plain and one variegated on 6mm dpns.  

Friday, July 29, 2011

Green Bean Sweater.

On my last visit to my Aunt and Uncle in B.C. we were in a local yarn store and my Aunt who is a former crocheter was admiring the yarn and lamenting on how she wished she had a lovely sweater in the apple green skein she was holding.  I filed that little bit of information away and (gulp) three years later she has a new vest.  I guessed on the size since I live a mountain range away and I didn't want to tell my Uncle since he might tell her and although I'm a fairly fast knitter I am also a distracted one and can't seem to keep to one project long enough to finish it off.